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A little bit about us.

Scheduling issues have always had a big impact on our games, consecutive no-shows and confusion over availability eventually led to abandoned campaigns, which over time became increasingly frustrating for us. We attempted to use other services and solutions that were available, but these all felt a little too corporate, bulky or didn't offer everything we needed in one package. Our (very) small team set out to try and create a solution to this problem.

RollRota has been built from the ground up with the tabletop and gaming community in mind. We have taken a minimalistic approach to our app, meaning our core features have been designed to be easy and simple for everyone to use. However, despite being minimal in design, we have big aspirations for RollRota and we are continuously working on ways to improve the platform and introduce more useful features for every type of user.

We'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback on our Discord channel, and we hope you enjoy RollRota as much as we enjoy making it.

The RollRota Team!


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