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RollRota Features

RollRota is packed full of features - and we are continuously updating what we have to offer!

All of our Core features are Free, and always will be!
RollRota+ is TBA and will include additional premium features

Features. Features. Features!

CORE Feature

Proposal Based Scheduling

Propose multiple dates, times & locations, then have your participants vote on what suits them best.

CORE Feature

Campaign/Session System

Keep all your sessions organized under their relevent campaign and keep an archive of historic sessions.

CORE Feature

Set Your Availability

Set your unavailability within RollRota so that others can see what days/times you are free.

CORE Feature

Discord Intergration

Vote on sessions directly from your Discord server and be notified of any upcoming events.

CORE Feature

Automatic Time Zones

All session times on RollRota are automatically converted into your timezone of choice.

CORE Feature

Component System

Fully customize the layout and content of your Campaign and Session pages. Tailor them to suite your specific needs.

CORE Feature

Automatic Notifications

Never miss an upcoming session, configurable automatic reminders will be sent out to all your linked platforms.

CORE Feature

Central Dashboard

A centralized dashboard to keep and eye on all your upcoming events and pending actions.

CORE Feature

Email & Token Invites

Invite players to your sessions via email or a unique link which can be customized to have a limited amount of uses.

CORE Feature

Unavailability Heatmap

Discover availability at a glance by using the unavailability heatmap when scheduling sessions.

CORE Feature


Set custom aliases/nicknames per campaign, so that you can easily be identified.

More to come...

We are always adding new features to RollRota so stay tuned.

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